We attach great importance to the introduction and training of talents
Talent is the most valuable asset of the company. To strengthen the training and reserve of talent echelon, people-oriented, and the joint development of employees and the enterprise are the talent strategic ideas that Kaifa has always implemented.
Keyvia electric provides a successful stage for those who are interested
In this young team, there are a group of enterprisers with innovative spirit and down-to-earth. With their unique vigor and enthusiasm, they are closely linked with the development of the country and the nation, splashing their youth, contributing their strength, developing their own business and realizing their dreams.
We always believe
The effective development and management of human resources is the long-term need of the sustainable development of enterprises. After years of development, the company has established a complete incentive mechanism in the introduction, absorption, training and use of talent management. Through the implementation of specific salary and welfare treatment, training and performance appraisal measures, we will continuously improve the quality of employees and optimize the personnel structure.
The company will continue to adhere to:
"People oriented" talent development strategy, regards learning and innovation as the source of life, strives to build the company into a learning and innovative organization, and will always regard talent training as the foundation of entrepreneurship, competition and development for enterprise development.
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